Our major shareholder

MMG's major shareholder is China Minmetals Corporation (CMC). Founded in 1950, CMC is one of China's major multinational state-owned enterprises. It is a major international conglomerate that involved in the development, production, trading and integration services of metals and minerals, in addition to its finance, real estate and logistics divisions/businesses.

CMC's subsidiary China Minmetals Non-ferrous Metals Co. Ltd. (CMN) was formed in 2001 and currently owns approximately 74% of the total shares of MMG, with the remaining 26% owned by public shareholders including global resources and investment funds.

The advantages of our Chinese partnership

The stability, size and insights of China Minmetals Corporation provide a competitive advantage for our company.

As a major metals and minerals company, China Minmetals Corporation provides a unique insight into global commodity demand. The relationship allows MMG to draw upon networks and extensive distribution and marketing channels in China’s base metals market.

In an industry where lead times can extend for years and even decades, China Minmetals Corporation brings a solid financial foundation, balance sheet flexibility, access to Chinese financial institutions and a long-term investment view. And, as a significant miner and commodity trader, China Minmetals Corporation brings the benefit of technical skills and cross-cultural awareness.

Above all, it is a relationship based on trust and confidence. Our international leadership team has the delegated authority from its Board to manage day-to-day operations in line with best practice.

We believe this relationship gives us the best of all worlds.

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