Mine district exploration continued in the fourth quarter 2014 on targets at Sepon, Golden Grove and Rosebery, Kinsevere and Las Bambas.

Progress has also been made on exploration on tenements within a 50km radius of Kinsevere’s current mining operations. Las Bambas commenced its exploration campaign in December with an initial strategy of building an exploration team and initiating technical studies to increase ore body knowledge and develop an exploration plan for 2015.

New discovery exploration programs focused on copper, zinc and nickel targets in Australia and the Americas, as well as copper and nickel in Southern Africa.

For the latest Exploration updates refer to our Quarterly Reports page.

Drilling results explained

Drilling results are expressed in terms of the length of the drill sample and the percentage/quantity of metal per tonne.


3m @ 26.5 g/t gold
= 3 metres at 26.5 grams per tonne gold.

The above refers to a 3-metre long drill sample containing 26.5 grams of gold for every tonne of material.

  • Mine district exploration

    Mine district exploration takes place around the Company’s suite of operations and development sites to find opportunities to extend mine life.

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  • New discovery programs

    New discovery programs actively explore a pipeline of opportunities globally within the Company’s existing leases.

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  • Project generation

    Project generation involves identification of completely new projects for potential inclusion in the exploration portfolio.

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